How to Turn On AirDrop on MAC and iDevices

AirDrop is designed for local sharing in quality and quickly, when devices are in close to each other. Additionally, AirDrop requires compatible Apple devices with recent versions of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS. The detailed information about how to turn on AirDrop in various apple devices is shown below, take a look. What is AirDrop? AirDrop

How to Delete All Promotion Mail in Gmail using Simple Methods

Generally, we have promotion mails in Gmail, but it feels not much important all the time for the users and it grabs the storage of the mobile with unwanted promotion mails. We mainly focused on deletion of promotions permanently from their mobile including deletion all promotions or specific mails or directly from the promotion tab

Delete Verification Codes (OTP) Automatically in iOS 17 for iPhone or iPad

iOS 17, the latest iPhone version, provides numerous exciting features. In the iOS 17 version, iPhone is giving an option to automatically delete the verification codes i.e. OTPs, Just follow the simple steps to auto delete the verification code. How to Setup Auto Delete Verification Codes (OTP) on iPhone & iPad Auto Fill Verification Codes

How to AirDrop from iPhone to MAC or iPad and Viceversa

Use AirDrop to share and receive apps, photos, documents, and files or data with other Apple devices that are nearby. In this article, we provide detailed information about various topics i.e., how to AirDrop from iPhone to MAC or iPad or reverse the scenario and how to share and how to adjust the settings. please

How to Turn ON or OFF Noise Cancellation on Airpods

Airpods Pro or Airpods Max are one of the loving and most popular headphones in the world. These are noise-canceling earbuds. You just have to enable active noise cancellation and you are ready to quiet your surroundings. How does Noise Cancellation Work on AirPods Noise Cancellation is also known by the name ANC (Active Noise

Multiple Home Screens on iPhone or iPad (New Options to Setup and Use)

Using multiple home screens on iPhone and iPad allows you to organize your apps and content more efficiently. It gives you the flexibility to group related apps together and access them easily. The detailed information on how to use or set up multiple home screens on your iPhone and iPad also provides other information. Please

Jio Customer Care Number

Jio products and services have grown a lot over the years and with growing customers it is essential to make sure customers receive good customer care. It is only possible when customers like you and me are able to reach out to Jio Customer Care Number and call them to discuss about our issues, complaints,

iMessage Doesn’t Say Delivered On iPhone or iPad – Find & Fix Error Now

If you send a message to a recipient from iMessage in your iPhone or iPad. If it is doesn’t show the delivery status, there are several reasons. The reasons and solutions or possible methods to that issue as given below in detailed information. Please take a look and resolve your issue. iMessage doesn’t say delivered

How to Use Apple Air Tags with Android

What is Air Tags Apple Inc. created tiny tracking devices known as AirTags in the form of coins. They are made to make it easier for users to find and maintain custody of their personal items, like bags, wallets, and keys. Each AirTag has an accelerometer and a speaker incorporated into it. An AirTag has