How to Reset iPad Without Password

Are you trying to reset your iPad, and then obviously it is required to authenticate yourself. Apple brings a secure mechanism in their iPhone, iPad and other devices which only allow authenticated activities. Any task to be performed on the iPad does require your passcode and interestingly, having reset your iPad will surely require the

Mac Address on iPhone will find in 2 ways

Mac Address of iPhone also refer to as a WiFi address which may found at two different places in settings. A media access control address is a unique identifier which assigned to a network interface controller for using the network address during communication with some network segments. The iPhone Mac Address used to improve the

Airtel to BSNL Porting at Free with Longer Validity Recharge Plan

Migrate your mobile network with Airtel to BSNL Porting without changing your mobile number. Just check simple guide for How to port for BSNL from Airtel or from other network providers… The Mobile Number portability is one of the options that can be used by any network subscriber to switch to their desired network. BSNL

BSNL Bill Download in Online or with SMS Simply

Want to verify your BSNL bills of previous months for future reference. Just check the simple guide about BSNl bill download from various methods like SMS and online portal or with SMS link… BSNL customers can pay their monthly or recurring bills using different methods for all their services like WiFi, BSNL Fiber Broadband, Mobile

Snapchat Plus – Premium Features & Benefits in One Place

Enjoy premium features of Snapchat by just buying the paid subscription of it called Snapchat Plus. Just check about Snapchat+, Features that includes, Simple guide to avail subscription followed by How much costs for it… As we all very familiar with the one of the famous mobile app called Snapchat. It is popular for its

How to Backup and Delete .htaccess File in WordPress

WordPress is a customizable website tool that brings numerous options to the users to post their content. The website created from WordPress will have numerous options and code that may edited anytime to make desired changes. WordPress .htaccess File is a server configuration file which firstly created and contains all details about the website. These

How to Change Language on Chromebook with New Settings

Changing Language makes more comfortable and convenience to work on a Chromebook. So just check the complete procedure for How to change Language on Chromebook for System and with input methods, keyboard language, for webpage and finally for Google accounts followed by shortcut keys to switch the language… If you are a new user of

Aquiss Broadband Packages for Home and Business

Whenever, all the requirements need to be fulfilled with the broadband connection comes in the mind of United Kingdom (UK) customers is Aquiss Broadband. It is a national UK telecommunications provider, founded in 2005 which provides FTTC, FTTP, GPON & Leased lines to the customers in UK. The head office of the same is located

iPhone Screenshot with Buttons and AssistiveTouch

Are you tired of trying to explain something on your iPhone to someone else, only to have them ask you to send them a screenshot iPhone or perhaps you just want to save a moment from your phone for posterity. Either way, taking a screenshot on an iPhone is a super easy and useful skill

Godaddy Email Login from Microsoft 365 and Outlook

Easily send your professional Emails of your Workspace of GoDaddy Domains. Just check How to do GoDaddy Email Login process from Microsoft 365 and Via Microsoft Outlook… GoDaddy as one of the biggest domain and hosting service providers has expanded in providing customers with custom domain based email accounts. If you have already created your